Camp Fundraising 2018

Malibu 2017

There are many ways for students to raise money to help pay for camp.  If you are willing to put forth the effort, you can get to camp!  Once you are registered for camp with a $100 deposit, you are able to fundraise. 

Young Life Golf Classic | Hole Sponsors

The annual Young Life golf tournament fundraiser is in the Spring. Each hole will be sponsored by local businesses and individuals. If you find a sponsor, all the money goes towards your camp balance!
  • Have sponsors fill out this form:                                                                            Golf Classic Hole Sponsor Form.pdfGolf Classic Hole Sponsor Form.pdf


Hanging 12" Flower Baskets

We're excited to partner with Van Wingerden Greenhouses to offer a wonderful fundraiser! Perfect for Mother's Day!
  • Hanging basket gift certificates are sold for $30 each, and $15 goes towards your camp balance!
  • Track your sales on the sheet provided and turn in by April 6th
  • The 12" baskets are delivered to the Young Life Office and customers pick them up on May 5th. You don't even have to deliver them!
  • This fundraiser runs until April 6th.
  • Examples of the hanging baskets here:
  • 2018 HB Fundraiser Marketing flyer (1).pdf2018 Flower Examples Flyer.pdf
  • To get started, download this packet:                                                                  Hanging Flower Basket Packet.pdfHanging Flower Basket Packet.pdf


Car Wash Tickets
There are many great car wash businesses around our area that are partnering with us to help you raise money for camp.

You don't even have to wash a single car!
  • Tickets are sold for $8 each, and $5 goes towards your camp balance!
  • Tickets are good at 6 Greater Olympia locations!
  • Track your sales on the sheet provided and turn in to the Young Life office at the end of each month. 
  • This fundraiser runs until May 31st.
  • To get started, download this packet:                                                                  Car Wash Fundraiser Packet.pdfCar Wash Fundraiser Packet.pdf



Bus to Camp Donations

This is simply a tool to help you collect donations for camp if you don't want to sell anything. Take your sheet around and invite people to "buy a spot on the road to camp," and all the money given goes towards your camp balance! This can be a great way to raise money!
  • Fill up one sheet (ten boxes, $10 each), and you'll have $100 towards camp!
  • Fill up as many sheets as you want, and there is no deadline.
  • Please collect checks only (made to Young Life), not cash.
  • Print out the sheet for your camp trip to begin:

Bus to Camp - Malibu Club

Bus to Camp - WFR Creekside

Bus to Camp - Breakaway Lodge


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Phone: 360-491-2620

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